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New homes and opportunities open for people in need live, from people experiencing homelessness and seniors on fixed incomes, to middle-income families, students and individuals. Housing for middle-income earners (households with annual incomes between $50,000 and $150,000) –
Affordable rental housing for people with low to moderate incomes, including seniors, people with disabilities and families. Residents pay...rented at this rate. Below-market and market-rate rental housing are for people with moderate to middle incomes, where units are
New supportive homes for people in need in...of this release. NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release 2019MAH0037...supportive modular project with around-the-clock...our province. These new homes will provide relief to people in Prince Rupert living without shelter, and to families with loved ones in
makes life better for people View the printer...makes life better for people (disponible en français...800 per year. Increasing income and disability assistance rates by an additional...they can access income assistance; and extending the shelter rate for those paying room and board to a
earnings exemptions will increase: by $2,400 annually for people on disability assistance by $200 per month for people on income assistance. New earnings exemptions amounts For people on disability assistance: $12,000 for a single person $14,400 for a couple where...
direction that puts people first View the...of this release. NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release a critical and unique moment in...reduce poverty by increasing income assistance and disability rates, and making university and college tuition free for former children in care
are focused on increasing employment opportunities for people with disabilities. The group is...Rights of Persons with Disabilities. People with disabilities have skills and talents that employers are looking for and should have an...disability. The unemployment rate for people with disabilities is 4.5
Horgan announces $100 increase to income assistance and disability rates View the printer...but today's increase – which needs...of poverty starts with raising income assistance rates and assistance for people with disabilities. We’re raising the rates to support people and help them live
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