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For Immediate Release


June 28, 2001

Ministry of Attorney General




VICTORIA – B.C.'s photo radar program came to an end at midnight last night, Attorney General Geoff Plant confirmed today.


            "Photo radar undermined public confidence in traffic enforcement," said Plant.  "Cabinet's decision to terminate photo radar reflects this government's commitment to fairness and to the safety of the public."


            Police who were working on the program will be returned to their home departments and detachments to work on conventional traffic enforcement in their own communities.


            "Direct, visible policing and immediate intervention is a much more effective deterrent to speeders than getting a photo radar ticket in the mail," said Plant. 


He added that a police officer on the scene is in a much better position to determine if a speeding driver is also guilty of other offences like drunk driving or driving without a proper licence.


            The attorney general said although no new fines will be issued using photo radar, the government will pursue the 222,000 tickets that are outstanding. 


 "The fact remains that these violators were caught speeding, and they will be required to pay their fines," Plant said.  "This will be enforced."


            Government has approved up to $3 million in funding to wind down the program and redeploy police officers.      


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