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June 1, 2003

Ministry of Community, Aboriginal and Women's Services




DELTA Four Delta firefighters who went beyond the normal call of duty to save the lives of their trapped colleagues received provincial Medals of Bravery at a ceremony Saturday night.


Stephen Kesting, Mandip Kooner, Gary Nylund and Mark Pfeifer were recognized for their actions at a July 31, 2001, warehouse fire on Annacis Island. Despite low air supply and the potential for a building collapse, the firefighters re-entered and remained in the burning building to search for and rescue their trapped comrades.


The medal, established in 1988, expresses gratitude to firefighters for performing acts of courage and bravery without concern for their own personal safety.


Previously, only two firefighters had been awarded the medal. The first was awarded in 1991 to Delta firefighter Michael Cornell for his actions in rescuing colleagues trapped by an underground peat fire at Burns Bog. In 1993, Nanaimo firefighter Ted Greves was awarded the medal for his heroic action in rescuing victims trapped in a submerged vehicle at the Nanaimo ferry terminal. Until this year, there had been no further applications for the medal that had met the high qualifications required for acceptance.


Decisions on awarding the medal are made by the British Columbia Fire Service awards committee, which is made up of professional and volunteer fire chiefs, firefighters and the B.C. fire commissioner.



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