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For Immediate Release


Feb. 8, 2005

Office of the Premier




VICTORIA – With the final throne speech of B.C.’s 37th Parliament, Premier Gordon Campbell called this a time to reflect on the hard work and success of British Columbians over the last four years, and a time to turn our attention to the future of the province.


“In four years, we’ve been able to turn around B.C.’s economy and balance our budget,” said Campbell. “Now it’s time to move beyond recovery, and plot a course for B.C. that is far-reaching, forward-looking, and truly global. That future will be built on our great strengths as a province and as a people at the gateway of the Asia-Pacific.”


Premier Campbell set out a five-point plan called Great Goals For A Golden Decade:

  1. Make B.C. the best-educated, most literate place in North America.
  2. Make B.C. a model for healthy living and physical fitness.
  3. Build the best system of support in Canada for persons with disabilities, special needs, children at risk, and seniors.
  4. Lead the world in sustainable environmental management.
  5. Lead Canada in job creation.


“Our goal is to help B.C. realize its full potential as the best place on Earth to raise a family, to live and play, and to work, invest, and get ahead,” said Campbell.


The throne speech outlined important new initiatives, including:


The throne speech also outlined the province’s successes of the last four years, including more jobs, better services for families and people in need, safer streets and schools, and better health and education.


“We can now expand services for the most vulnerable in our society and improve access to education and high quality health care – that’s the power of a strong economy,” said Campbell. “A balanced approach to our budget – one that includes spending on priorities, paying down the debt, and keeping taxes low – will ensure we can sustain these services into the future.”


The government’s Asia-Pacific Gateway Strategy sets out a bold new plan to open British Columbia to new trade, investment, visitors, and cultures.


“We are uniquely positioned as Canada’s gateway to the Asia-Pacific,” said Campbell. “We have a golden opportunity to open that gateway wide and make it B.C.’s competitive edge. British Columbia can become North America’s foremost Pacific crossroads. We are ready to tell the world about all we have achieved and all we have to offer as British Columbians.”


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The full text of the throne speech is available on the Legislative Assembly website at




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