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VICTORIA -- Forests Minister Andrew Petter said today that logging practices by Beaumont Timber Company Ltd., on privately owned managed forest land north of Revelstoke, are unacceptable to government and community residents.

"Beaumont is using outdated logging techniques without apparent regard for soil integrity, cutblock size, or visual and wildlife habitat values," Petter said. "This high-impact approach damages the land and is simply unacceptable today.

"The company is using destructive practices on steep slopes, including excessive road building with bulldozers.

"I am particularly concerned about the apparent fast-track liquidation of these forests before the Forest Practices Code comes into effect on privately managed forest lands.

"At my request the Revelstoke forest district manager has approached the company to discuss changing harvesting, but Beaumont has not responded positively.

"Because of the seriousness of the situation, I have formally requested today that Beaumont provide evidence to the district manager of their intention to adopt appropriate methods for logging steep slopes. I have also requested that they permit the Forest Service access in order to ascertain the changes necessary to prevent further site degradation.

"If a satisfactory response to this request is not received by 5:00 p.m. on Monday,
September 19, Cabinet has given me the authority to invoke an emergency Order-In-Council to regulate these privately managed forest lands under the Forest Practices Code," Petter said.

"Our government's intention was to determine how the Forest Practices Code will apply to privately managed forest lands following consultation," the minister added. "However, I have always said that I would not tolerate destructive forest practices while the consultations are underway."

"To facilitate a voluntary resolution of this problem I have asked my Parliamentary Secretary, Corky Evans, to be available in Revelstoke to meet with the company on Sunday, September 18," Petter said.

The area is an 8,000 hectare plot of land that was granted in the late 1800s by the Crown in compensation for the construction of a road between the Columbia River and Shuswap Lake. The current owner receives a reduced rate of property tax
because the land is classified as managed forest under the B.C. Assessment Act.

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Reference # 1994:122 * Released on Sep 15, 1994 * Region Nelson Region * Category General

      David Raven
      District Manager
      Revelstoke Forests District