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VICTORIA -- A five-year strategy for implementing the Forest Practices Code and other government initiatives was released today by Forests Minister Andrew Petter.

The Forest Service's five-year forest and range resource program -- 1995-2000 - details the government's forest management goals and priorities for British Columbia, Petter said.

"I believe British Columbians want a future that includes sustainable forests, stable communities and good jobs for the people who live in those communities," said Petter. "It was with these objectives in mind that we developed the comprehensive strategy to renew the forests and forest-dependent communities outlined in the last five-year plan."

The Forest Service's plan to take B.C. into the next century focuses on:
strict new laws and enforcement under the Forest Practices Code to ensure that B.C. forest practices are sustainable and respect all forest values securing the working forests under the Forest Land Reserve to protect the jobs that communities depend upon working with Forest Renewal BC to put more dollars and resources back into the forests and creating more jobs, value and timber volume at every stage of forest management through the Forest Renewal Plan protecting biodiversity via the protected areas strategy and the Forest Practices Code
setting realistic, sustainable harvest levels through the Timber Supply Review
contributing to resource-use certainty through public land-use planning initiatives such as land and resource management planning, Commission on Resources and
Environment, and the Land Use Coordination Office

The five-year program is required under the Ministry of Forests Act and is updated annually to detail the ministry's objectives, methods and schedules for management of the province's forest and range resources.

Copies of the publication are available from the Public Affairs Branch, Suite 300, 1675 Douglas St., Victoria, phone 387-5255. Copies will also be available at Forest Service region and district offices throughout the province and on the Ministry of Forests' home page of the Internet (address: [] by Aug. 8.

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