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Ministry of Attorney General

July 3, 1996


VICTORIA -- Attorney General Ujjal Dosanjh today announced the appointment of former B.C. Court of Appeal Justice Martin Taylor to review the case of Molly Justice, who was murdered in Saanich in 1943.

"Because of evident public concern over this 53-year-old case, I have asked that Mr. Justice Taylor examine whatever evidence is available and speak to anyone involved in the matter from those days," said Dosanjh. "I am hopeful that his review will get at the truth of any injustices done in another era."

Some specific issues Taylor will examine are whether the suspect in the murder, Frank Hulbert, should have been charged with the murder and with the sexual assault of another person and whether the deputy attorney general in 1943 or anyone else covered up evidence on behalf of Hulbert.

Dosanjh added that the relationship between police investigations and how charging decisions are made is very different today than in the 1940s. "Today by law, charging decisions are made independently by the Criminal Justice Branch. If a deputy attorney general or attorney general wished to direct the branch in a decision, that could only be done in writing and publicly."

Dosanjh said he was pleased Taylor agreed to review the case because Taylor brings to it his experience as a jurist and his skills as a legal historian.

Taylor's report will be made public, said Dosanjh.

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