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For Immediate Release


Dec. 8, 2006

Ministry of Environment




VICTORIA The Request for Proposals for new fixed-roof accommodation in Cape Scott Provincial Park has closed. To date, proposals have been received for four parks: Mount Robson, Elk Lakes, Maxhamish Lake and Cape Scott provincial parks.


BC Parks is currently assessing all proposals to determine if they meet the strict criteria established by the ministry this year to ensure any new facility complements overall park conservation and recreation values. Should a proposal be selected, it will follow a process that may lead to the issuance of a park-use permit.


Through that process:


In July, Environment Minister Barry Penner announced the B.C. government had issued Requests for Proposals for fixed-roof accommodations in 12 BC Parks, 10 of which are new opportunities, while two relate to existing facilities where new operating agreements are being sought.


The goal is to offer greater choice to a wider range of visitors while protecting the ecological integrity of our parks over the long term. B.C.’s population is aging, and while tenting is attractive to many people and some can afford large recreational vehicles, others may prefer or require the option of staying in a cabin or lodge.


There are currently about 160 existing fixed-roof accommodation facilities in the BC Parks system, ranging from small, minimally equipped shelters, to accommodations such as Manning Park Lodge and Kokanee Glacier Lodge, approved in 2000.


BC Parks provides more than 11,000 campsites within the largest parks and protected areas system in North America. British Columbia has more than 600 parks with a total protected land base of more than 13 million hectares, or about 13.8 per cent of the province. While the number and size of parks has grown considerably, very few new facilities have been added.


For detailed information on the Fixed-Roof Accommodation Policy, please refer to the Ministry of Environment website at:


Information about the RFP process for fixed-roof accommodations in BC Parks can be found at






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