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Dec. 1, 2006

Government of Canada

Ministry of Forests and Range and Minister Responsible for Housing

Interior Health




Tom Uphill Manor, 1301 4th Avenue in Fernie, houses 24 one-bedroom supportive units for seniors and people with disabilities, and three one-bedroom transitional units for those seniors who are at risk of not having appropriate housing for their specific needs. The development is a single-storey wood frame building. Tom Uphill Manor opened to tenants on Oct. 1, 2006. The manor is named after Tom Uphill, a provincial MLA between 1920 and 1960 and a past mayor of Fernie.


FERNIE FAMILY HOUSING SOCIETY                                                                              

The Fernie Family Housing Society was formed in September 2000 to construct and manage New Horizon Village, a 32-unit Homes BC social housing development for families, seniors and people with disabilities.


PARTNERSHIP CONTRIBUTIONS                                                                                      

The capital cost of this project is $3.51 million, with funding provided through these partners:

·         $1.85-million grant from the Province, through BC Housing, towards the capital costs of the development;

·         $576,000 in funding under CMHC’s Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program, in addition to $10,000 in seed funding and an interest-free CMHC loan in the amount of $30,000 towards the initial proposal, a portion of which has been forgiven;

·         $178,000 in contributions from the Columbia Basin Trust Fund;

·         $100,000 in contributions from the Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia;

·         $35,000 contribution through HRSDC’s National Homelessness Initiative;

·         $96,000 through the reduction of municipal levies and taxes by the City of Fernie;

·         $5,000 in contributions from Enterprising Non-Profits;

·         Interior Health transferred the Tom Uphill Memorial Home to the Fernie Family Housing Society – an approximate value of $800,000; and

·         $103,000 through equity and $28,000 in donations from the society.





Laura Kohli

BC Housing

604 439-8583

604 805-4960 (cell)


Steve Hall


604 785-8617 (cell)



Jennifer Henkes

Interior Health

250 420-2404


Corrie Hurlburt

Property Manager

Fernie Family Housing Society

250 423-6728


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