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For Immediate Release


April 2, 2007

Ministry of Economic Development




VANCOUVER – The Province has released the Asia Pacific Initiative, a long-term strategy to diversify B.C.’s economic ties with the Asia Pacific.


“British Columbia has an unprecedented opportunity to reap the benefits from Asia’s economic transformation,” said Economic Development Minister Colin Hansen. “The Asia Pacific Initiative shows that we are serious about realigning the Province’s economic priorities to realize our potential in a Pacific Century economy.”


The Initiative is an important piece of B.C.’s Pacific Leadership Agenda. It signals the Province’s recognition of the economic importance of the Asia-Pacific, as Asia now includes three of the four largest economies in the world. The Province’s goal – to position B.C. as the pre-eminent economic and cultural crossroads between Asia and North America – could benefit the province by as much as $76 billion in increased trade and 255,000 jobs by 2020.


The Asia Pacific Initiative identifies five priority areas:

·    advance B.C.’s global identity as Canada’s Pacific Gateway;

·    continue to build a world-class infrastructure and supply chain;

·    strengthen and maximize B.C.’s trade and investment relationships with Asia;

·    become the Asia-Pacific education, tourism and cultural destination of choice; and

·    ensure the province’s labour force is equipped with the skills to thrive in the Pacific Century economy.



The entire Asia Pacific Initiative document is available on the Ministry of Economic Development website at



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