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For Immediate Release


Oct. 11, 2007

Ministry of Environment




VICTORIA – All wells (except geotechnical wells and drainage wells) must have a secure well cap in place by Oct. 31, 2007 to be in compliance with British Columbia’s Ground Water Protection Regulation. This requirement applies to all existing wells, as well as newly constructed wells.


Environment Minister Barry Penner advises well owners that a secure well cap is one of the most cost-effective ways to protect a well’s water quality. For example, a secure, vermin-proof cap for a domestic well costs about $80. Caps prevent contaminants or animals from entering the well. In addition, they prevent contamination of the larger body of groundwater the well and neighbouring wells get their water from. If a well does not have a cap, one must be securely installed on the well by Oct. 31, 2007.


Caps for most wells are commercially available and can be purchased through a qualified well pump installer. To view a listing of qualified pump installers, visit A well cap can either be installed by the qualified well pump installer or by the well owner. If a commercial well cap does not fit a well, a qualified well pump installer or well driller can usually design, fabricate and install a cap for a well that meets the standards of the regulation.


The well cap should be secured on the well at all times, except when it is necessary to disinfect, or perform maintenance or repair work to the inside of the well or the well pump. If a cap is removed, it should be re-installed as soon as possible. It is an offence to tamper with or destroy a well cap installed on a well.


Placing a bucket over the top of a well or a keeping a piece of plywood on top of a well with a rock are not secure well caps and would not meet the regulatory requirement.


For more information about the Ground Water Protection Regulation and requirements for wells, visit


Editors: To download photos of a securely capped well and an improperly capped well, please visit




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