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April 12, 2007

Ministry of Health





·        Maple Cottage Detox was established in December 1977 as a 20-bed non-medical unit to serve the lower Fraser Valley. In April 2002, Fraser Health assumed responsibility for its operation. The program name has been changed to Creekside Withdrawal Management Centre with the opening of the new facility in Surrey.


·         Detox services is one of the components in the addictions continuum of care that includes:                  

o        primary level, medical withdrawal management

o        secondary withdrawal management

o        stabilization beds

o        secondary support recovery beds

o        outpatient services


·         Creekside provides a 24-hour, safe, supportive, medically supervised environment for individuals wishing to withdraw from substances of misuse.


·        Substance misuse withdrawal that can be supported at Creekside ranges from prescription drugs and alcohol to cocaine and heroin.


·        Residential supervision is often needed to provide a secure and accepting environment where individuals are given assistance to begin the process of recovery from problematic substance use. Clients are supported through their withdrawal symptoms which can include increases in pulse rate, blood pressure, anxiety, restlessness, agitation and mood swings.


·        Fraser Health explored a number of possibilities for a more central location within its boundaries to locate this health care service that would be more conducive to a mandate to serve the entire Fraser Health area. The new site location in Surrey is central and close to transportation for ease of access.


·        Funding through the provincial reinvestment project has made it possible to increase the capacity in this new facility to 30 beds – 24 adult beds, and 6 dedicated youth beds. Maple Cottage has been able to accommodate an initial increase from 22 to 25 beds. The additional increased capacity will come with the opening of Creekside.


·        Maple Cottage was running on average at 95 per cent occupancy. Approximately 35 people were on the waiting list at one time. From the waiting list there was about a seven-day wait before admission to the centre with priority always given to youth and pregnant women.





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