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Oct. 1, 2007

Office of the Premier

Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources





A new, public, 287-kilovolt Northwest Transmission Line (NTL) from Skeena to a new substation near Bob Quinn Lake will open up the northern region of British Columbia to economic development. Currently, the electrical power grid along Highway 37 ends at Meziadin Junction to the north and Stewart to the west. 


At this time, BC Hydro has:

·          Two 25-kilovolt single phase distribution lines at Meziadin that go south about 30 km to pick up some small individual loads.

·          Two 25-kilovolt single phase distribution lines at Aiyansh that go west to the coast to supply the Kinkolith band (approximately 75 km) and northwest to Nass Camp (11 km). 


The current lack of grid access costs people much more for electricity than in other areas of the province and hampers the area economically, preventing industrial development like mining.


Nine First Nations have potential interests in the NTL area. First Nation engagement is underway, focusing on information sharing and determining the methods for ongoing First Nation consultation.









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