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For Immediate Release


March 5, 2008

Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources




VICTORIA – Two independent studies commissioned to study the feasibility and cost of installing underground transmission lines in Tsawwassen have been received by the government and are currently being reviewed.


The Province will now review the studies before making a decision on how to proceed with the completion of the Vancouver Island Transmission Reinforcement (VITR) project. A decision on next steps is expected shortly.


The two studies were conducted by Black & Veatch and Power Delivery Consultants. The two firms were required to independently review the two cost estimates developed by BC Hydro and Power Engineers Inc., as well as the feasibility document prepared by Mill Creek Management Technologies on behalf of TRAHVOL.


Both studies showed the direct costs to underground one set of power lines were consistent with the numbers that were provided by the BC Transmission Corporation, which is approximately twice the cost of the estimates put forward by Mill Creek. As well, the timeline to complete such a project confirmed a range of 22 months to 27 months, similar to that put forward by the BCTC and contrary to the eight months suggested in the Mill Creek report.


In addition, these estimates were for only one set of power lines and the total cost would be significantly higher if both sets were to be underground. As well, potentially significant indirect costs are not included in the above planning level estimates. These costs cannot be ignored in any detailed estimate and would include:



Founded in 1915, Black & Veatch Corporation is recognized as a leading global engineering, consulting and construction company with experience with thousands of circuit feet of underground transmission. Power Delivery Consultants is a leading North American engineering-consulting firm that services the electric power industry with decades of industry experience.


The two studies and a summary of the costs can be viewed online at




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