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Nov. 8, 2008

Ministry of Housing and Social Development






Wagner Hills Farm Society’s Campbell Valley - House of Hope provides 14 beds of supportive transitional housing within three residential houses for women recovering from addictions. House of Hope is located at 460-216th Street in Langley.


The three houses underwent interior and exterior renovations that included repairs to fire sprinklers and life safety upgrades, water system treatment, roofing repairs, commercial kitchen safety upgrades, and a septic system extension to the three houses. In total, there are eight bedrooms, four washrooms, a kitchen and two communal living spaces in the three houses.


Operations provided by the society will run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with a staff member on site at all times. Campbell Valley - House of Hope is the society’s first women’s facility. Wagner Hills Farm Society also operates a 50-bed facility in Langley called Wagner Hills for men in recovery from addictions.


Construction of nine new greenhouses will start in January 2009 at the Campbell Valley – House of Hope and Wagner Hills properties. These new greenhouses will facilitate upgrading the greenhouse program at Wagner Hills and begin the greenhouse program at the women’s facility.


Partners and Funding:



  • In addition, the Province will provide $525,000 through the Housing Endowment Fund to construct nine new greenhouses at the Campbell Valley - House of Hope and Wagner Hills facilities.




Established in 1982, Wagner Hills Farm Society, a Christian faith organization, promotes and assists the rehabilitation of people with substance addictions and behavioural and spiritual needs. The society has successfully been operating supportive transitional housing developments for men at Wagner Hills in Langley and Shelter with Chemical and Alcohol Rehabilitation Services (S.C.A.R.S) in Fort St. John.





Rhonda Nguyen

BC Housing

604 439-4740

604 374-8301

Helmut Boehm

Executive Director

Wagner Hills Farm Society

604 856-9432




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