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For Immediate Release


June 13, 2008

Intergovernmental Relations Secretariat




VANCOUVER – A 30-metre geodesic dome on the lawn of the Vancouver Art gallery is the site of a three-day celebration of francophone art and culture – past, present and future. John van Dongen, Minister of Intergovernmental Relations, announced the opening of the Francodôme today.


“Francophones and Francophiles of British Columbia contribute greatly to the Province’s social and economic fabric in all sectors, and the Francodôme is an opportunity to experience and celebrate the francophone community’s artistic and cultural excellence,” van Dongen said. “We have worked closely with the francophone community to bring the Francodôme to British Columbia, and we appreciate the strong partnership we have with the community.”


            The Francodôme is a partnership between the Quebec government and other provinces and territories and francophone communities across the country to celebrate francophone culture and artistry across Canada. The Province provided $30,000 to bring the Francodôme to B.C. to connect the 400th anniversary of Quebec City with the BC150 celebrations.


            “BC150 builds collective pride in the contributions that British Columbians and their ancestors have made in shaping the province, and instils a sense of identity and optimism for a positive and progressive future,” said Tourism, Sport and the Arts Minister Stan Hagen. “Bringing the Francodôme to B.C. is an opportunity to showcase the artistry and culture of our province’s francophone community and celebrate with francophones across the country.”


            As part of the opening ceremonies, a plaque was presented by Moussa Magassa, Vancouver representative for the B.C. Francophone Federation, to recognize the partnership between the B.C. public service and the Francophone community.


“We are participating in a memorable celebration this year: recognizing the contributions of francophones to the diversity and prosperity of communities across Canada,” said Magassa. “The B.C. francophone community is pleased to recognize and celebrate the flourishing partnership that now exists between the provincial government and members the provincial public service, and the francophone community.”


This travelling performance space includes a variety of live cultural and artistic performances and francophone programs from across the country and performances by B.C. francophone artists. The Francodôme will be set up in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery from June 12-15, 2008.





Jamie Edwardson

Intergovernmental Relations Secretariat

250 356-7373


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