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Feb. 21, 2008

Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General





The Province has provided approximately $10 million to local governments for 40 flood protection projects in various communities throughout British Columbia. The funding is part of the 10-year, $100-million British Columbia Flood Protection Program.


Approved projects:



Project Description

Total Project Cost


Erosion protection to a 300-metre long section of the Fraser River bank near Ridgedale. Work includes softening the angle of the bank to stem erosion and reinforcing it with approximately 13,000 cubic metres of large rocks known as rip rap near Beharrell Road.



Armour approximately 200 metres of the dike at the east end of Nicomen Island with rip rap rock.



Improve the local flood drainage system at Nicomen Island with the addition of new ditches that will allow a 60-year old damaged flood box to be removed from the dike.



Removing two failing drainage culverts from the Sumas Prairie Interceptor Dike between Cole Road and Bowman Road and replacing them with a new, larger capacity culvert to help carry storm water away from homes and businesses.



Install 21 new survey markers along a 4.3-km section the Abbotsford Dike along the Vedder Canal to help flood control experts continue to quickly and accurately identify potential flood risks in this waterway.


Central Coast Regional District (Bella Coola Valley)

Increase production and stockpile riprap rock for emergency flood protection use throughout the Bella Coola Valley.


Central Coast Regional District (Bella Coola Valley)

Remove two log jams and stabilize the stream bank on the Salloompt River.


Central Coast Regional District (Bella Coola Valley)

Remove approximately 20,000 cubic metres of gravel in the upper reaches of Thorsen Creek to protect the Thorsen Creek bridge on Highway 20.


Central Coast Regional District (Bella Coola Valley)

Gravel will be removed from Snootli Creek, upstream of the Highway 20 bridge.


City of Chilliwack

Add rip rap rock armouring to approximately 250 metres of the banks along the Fraser and Hope rivers on the Camp Hope Improvement Project at the upstream end of Chilliwack’s East dike.


City of Chilliwack

Install intake relief wells near the Hope Slough inlet facility.


City of Chilliwack

Install 75 additional groundwater relief wells along the West Dike of the Fraser River.


Comox Strathcona Regional District

Extend rip rap rock armouring for approximately 120 metres along the bank of the Oyster River south of Courtenay.



Repair and reinstall the pump and replace the metal debris screen that protects the pump at the Debouville Slough Pumping Station on the Pitt River.



Raised low area of the Canterbury Dike adjacent to Condensory Bridge.



Armour 370 metres of the Nick’s Island dike with large rocks known as rip rap.



Reinforce Boundary Bay sea dike by widening it, creating flatter slopes and armouring the top with large rocks.



Replace sub-standard outfall pipes at the Marchmont Pump Station.


Fraser Valley Regional District

Remove 15,000 cubic metres of gravel deposits in Deroche Creek upstream of Nicomen Slough.


Fraser Valley Regional District

Remove approximately 10,000 cubic metres of gravel deposits from Cascade Creek.



Improve bank armouring along approximately 150 metres of Hospital Creek upstream from Highway 1.



Remove approximately 8,000 cubic metres of gravel deposits from the Kicking Horse River downstream of the pedestrian bridge in the Town of Golden. This site is an area where ice jams typically occur, impeding the river’s flow resulting in flooding upstream.



Build a flood water debris trap on Buck Creek above the upstream end of the creek.



Engineering design work for a dedicated pump facility at Henry Creek.



Large rocks will be used to armour the bank of Toby Creek closest to the District of Invermere wastewater treatment facility to prevent erosion and protect a critical emergency outflow pipe.



Realign the existing dike at the Kamloops airport and complete engineering design to extend this dike.



Replace the pump and screens at the Duncan-Bateson Pump Station.


Maple Ridge

Build a new storm water drainage system near the Golden Ears Bridge site to address recurring flooding issues in this area.



Raise more than 1.5 km of the Mission City Dike from Highway 11 to the CPR bridge to meet current flood protection standards. Work will also include some armouring of the dike using large rocks to prevent erosion.


Pemberton Valley Diking District

Replacement of two drainage culverts on Pemberton Creek at the south end of Clover Road.


Prince George

Provide funding for the city’s request for an in-depth flood risk analysis that will identify long-term flood protection solutions for the community.



Upgrade approximately 200 metres of the Similkameen River Dike near Alison Flats. Work includes raising widening and armouring sections of the dike.


Seabird Island Indian Band

Build a temporary bridge to Spring Bar to provide access to remove up to 400,000 cubic metres of gravel form the site. The bridge is in a location chosen to minimize its environmental impact.


District of Squamish

Add approximately 320 metres of rip rap rock armouring along the bank of the Squamish River at Judd Slough.


District of Squamish

Replace the pump at the Judd Slough Pump Station.


District of Squamish

Phase 1 of the District of Squamish flood protection upgrades project – pre-design study that includes survey and engineering assessment of existing flood protection.



Remove approximately 6,000 cubic metres of gravel deposits on the east side of the Bear River



Install a debris trap at the entrance of a 2.4 metre culvert near Boston Road to prevent wood and other objects from blocking it. In the past, numerous properties have been impacted when this culvert has become plugged and high storm water flows from heavy rains have backed up into the community.



Add approximately 130 metres of rip rap rock armouring to the banks of the Bulkley River near Hope Street.



Engineering and design work for flood protection on the Nechako River at Vanderhoof.


Associated Costs for Fraser River Gravel Removal Studies and Projects

Environmental, biological and hydraulic studies to comply with Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans and B.C. Ministry of Environment site selection and approvals requirements.


Contract costs for independent environmental monitoring at approved sites.









Glen Plummer

Communications Manager

Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General

250 952-4846


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