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For Immediate Release


Sept. 29, 2008

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure




VICTORIA – A vehicle flagging program to identify vehicles that have left travelled portions of the roadway, but have been checked by emergency response or road maintenance personnel, will increase safety for passing motorists, Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Kevin Falcon announced today.


 “We have piloted this procedure in the Merritt area and know this eliminates a potential safety hazard for the travelling public,” said Falcon. “When motorists see a vehicle wrapped in tape, they won’t feel compelled to slow down or stop at the side of the road.”


The initiative has been spearheaded by the BC Ambulance Service and 911 dispatch to improve efficiency and public safety.


Motorists who stop to give assistance where vehicles have left the road may pose a risk to other motorists if their vehicles are not parked in a safe manner. In many cases, assistance has already been provided, and only the vehicle remains at the scene. By marking these off-road vehicles in an obvious manner, passing motorists will know their assistance is not required.


The vehicles are wrapped in yellow “All Clear” tape by the RCMP, fire departments, BC Ambulance Service, Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, and highway maintenance contractors to indicate that the vehicle was checked and the RCMP are aware of it. The tape can easily be seen by passing motorists.


This program will be implemented across the province from Oct. 1, 2008.






Jeff Knight

Public Affairs Bureau

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

250 356-7707


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