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Feb. 4, 2009

Ministry of Housing and Social Development

Health Canada

Vancouver Coastal Health




The Rainier Hotel, located at 309 Carrall St., in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES), will provide 41 single-room occupancy (SRO) units with integrated support services for women who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.


The building is a three-storey, brick and wooden structure built in the 1920s. The Rainier consists of a 20-unit treatment program for women in recovery on the second floor and 21 self-contained units with fridges and a communal cooking facility for tenants on the third floor. The main floor is a large commercial space that will be renovated for future commercial leasing opportunities.


PHS Community Services Society will operate 21 self-contained units and provide support services. PHS, in partnership with Vancouver Coastal Health, will operate 20 units on the second floor to provide alcohol- and drug-free housing for women in transition from detox. The focus of the 20 beds will be for former sex-trade workers who are self-referred or referred through their detox program. Women will access the Rainier after completing detox treatment, and remain in the program to stabilize their health and they establish a foundation for ongoing recovery.  


Partners and Funding


·        The Province provided $9.5 million, the total capital cost for the purchase and renovation;


·        Health Canada is providing $5 million to Vancouver Coastal Health through the Ministry of Health Services over four and a half years for operational funding; and


·        Vancouver Coastal Health is providing ongoing operational funding.


PHS Community Services Society (PHS)


PHS, a non-profit association created in 1993, manages buildings that provide social housing and support services, focusing on people with chronic substance abuse issues or dual diagnosis. The society helps promote, develop and maintain supportive affordable housing for adult individuals who are hard to house and at risk of homelessness due to their physical and/or mental health, behaviour, substance dependencies, and forensic history.






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BC Housing

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Trudi Beutel

Vancouver Coastal Health

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Kevin Quinlan
Office of the Mayor
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Catherine Atyeo

Health Canada

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Mark Townsend
Executive Director

PHS Community Services Society

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