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June 10, 2009

Office of the Premier





The following deputy minister and deputy minister-equivalent appointments have been made:


Office of the Premier

Jessica McDonald, Deputy Minister to the Premier and Cabinet Secretary

Lorne Brownsey, Deputy Minister, Corporate Initiatives and Intergovernmental Relations


Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation

Bob de Faye, Deputy Minister


Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development

Robin Ciceri, Deputy Minister

Paul Straszak, President and CEO, Public Sector Employers’ Council


Ministry of Agriculture and Lands

Larry Pedersen, Deputy Minister


Ministry of Attorney General

Allan Seckel, Deputy Attorney General


Ministry of Children and Family Development

Lesley du Toit, Deputy Minister


Ministry of Citizens’ Services

Kim Henderson, Deputy Minister

Beth James, President and CEO, Shared Services BC

Ron Norman, Head, Government Communications, Public Affairs Bureau

Lynda Tarras, Head, BC Public Service Agency


Ministry of Community and Rural Development

Dale Wall, Deputy Minister


Ministry of Education

James Gorman, Deputy Minister


Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources

Greg Reimer, Deputy Minister


Ministry of Environment

Doug Konkin, Deputy Minister

Robin Junger, Associate Deputy Minister, Environmental Assessment Office


Ministry of Finance

Graham Whitmarsh, Deputy Minister and Secretary to Treasury Board


Ministry of Forests and Range

Dana Hayden, Deputy Minister

Steve Carr, President and CEO, Integrated Land Management Bureau


Ministry of Health Services

John Dyble, Deputy Minister


Ministry of Healthy Living and Sport

Grant Main, Deputy Minister

Philip Steenkamp, President and CEO, B.C. Olympic Games Secretariat


Ministry of Housing and Social Development

Cairine MacDonald, Deputy Minister


Ministry of Labour

Rob Lapper, Deputy Minister


Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General

David Morhart, Public Security Commissioner and Deputy Solicitor General

Wes Shoemaker, Deputy Minister, Public Safety


Ministry of Small Business, Technology and Economic Development

Don Fast, Deputy Minister

Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts

Lori Wanamaker, Deputy Minister


Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

Peter Milburn, Deputy Minister






Bridgitte Anderson

Press Secretary

Office of the Premier

604 307-7177


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