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For Immediate Release
November 20, 2009

Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development
Industry Canada





VANCOUVER – Moira Stilwell, Minister of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development, and Ed Fast, MP for Abbotsford, joined officials at Langara College to celebrate completion of renovations and expansion of campus facilities that will ensure current and future students continue to enjoy rewarding educational experiences.


“The partnership between the federal and provincial governments is providing opportunities for employment while at the same time securing the future of our post-secondary system,” said Fast. “As a former Langara student, I am delighted that our initiative to renew colleges and universities is benefiting my alma mater and helping stimulate local economies across B.C.”


“Langara is an important part of our community,” said Stilwell. “These campus improvements will ensure Langara students continue to have a quality learning environment as they develop the knowledge and skills they’ll need to pursue rewarding careers in the future.”


The $15.9-million renovation and redesign includes a $13.4-million investment from the Province to upgrade and renovate building C (old library building). As well, additional building envelope upgrades were completed with federal funding of $609,000 and provincial funding of $925,000 through the Knowledge Infrastructure Program.


Langara has applied to receive LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certification for the upgraded facility, which means its design, construction, and operation meet guidelines for greenhouse gas reduction. Langara has introduced an innovative heating system for its new buildings by recycling heat that would normally be exhausted during the air exchange process. The new system means greenhouse gas emissions are virtually eliminated.


Langara also officially opened the new Dave Pearson Native Student Centre, an Aboriginal gathering place designed to enhance support services for Aboriginal students by promoting and preserving Aboriginal culture and history. The centre is open to all students to learn about the diverse cultures in the Aboriginal community.


This is one of 25 gathering places being created at public post-secondary institutions across the province through a $13.6-million investment by the Province.




“We are grateful for the continued support from government,” said Langara president David Ross. “With this funding, Langara has been able to address urgent infrastructure projects and has increased access opportunities for all learners. These facilities improvements have provided additional capacity at the college at a time when our enrolments are the highest in the institution's history.”

Renovations at Langara are among 40 projects at post-secondary institutions across the province funded through the Knowledge Infrastructure Program, a joint federal-provincial investment of $497 million. The total investment in these projects is $519 million, including contributions from institutions.


This project is also part of an overall $14-billion capital infrastructure program supported by the Province that will create up to 88,000 jobs and help build vital public infrastructure in every region of B.C.

Canada’s Economic Action Plan sets out to stimulate the Canadian economy over the next two years and to improve our long-term competitiveness through $12 billion in new infrastructure investment, which includes the $2-billion Knowledge Infrastructure Program.


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