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 June 17, 2010

Ministry of Children and Family Development




VICTORIA – Statistics Canada released figures (June 2010) showing that child poverty levels in BC have declined for the fifth year in a row and are now at a nearly 30-year record low for the province:


·         Child Poverty in B.C. has declined for the fifth year in a row, according to figures released today by Statistics Canada.


·         The most recently-released child poverty rate is 10.4 per cent. That is a 20 per cent decline from 13 per cent the year previous and a 46 per cent drop since 2003.


·         The child poverty level (LICO after tax) is now at its lowest level since 1980.


·         The child poverty rate in B.C. fell by 46 per cent between 2003 and 2008.


·         Provincially, the median after tax income for families for two or more people rose 5.7 per cent in B.C.


·         A CD Howe Institute study (June 2010) also finds the percentage of low-income, single-parent families relying on welfare in B.C. dropped from 36 per cent to 27 per cent between 1995 and 2008, a decline of 25 per cent.


·         The Conference Board of Canada recently forecast that B.C. will be one of the provincial leaders in economic growth at close to four per cent and that’s good news for British Columbians striving to improve their standard of living.


Link to the Stats Canada report can be found here:


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Ministry of Children and Family Development

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