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Jan. 6, 2010

Ministry of Environment





VICTORIA – Belkorp Environmental Services Ltd. and the Village of Cache Creek (the proponents) have received an environmental assessment certificate for their proposed Cache Creek Landfill Extension Project.


Environment Minister Barry Penner and Community and Rural Development Minister Bill Bennett made the decision to grant the environmental assessment (EA) certificate after considering the review led by the Environmental Assessment Office (EAO).

The proposed $100-million project involves a 42-hectare extension of the existing Cache Creek Landfill, which has operated since 1989, providing an additional 12.6 million tonnes of disposal capacity. This project is expected to have a lifespan of 17 to 25 years.


The project would use much of the infrastructure from the existing landfill such as scales, roads and buildings. 


The EAO assessment report concluded the project is not likely to have significant adverse effects, based on the mitigation measures and commitments included as conditions of the EA certificate.


The provincial EA certificate contains a number of commitments the proponents must implement throughout various stages of the project. Some of the key commitments include:


·         Use of a double composite liner and leak detection system that exceeds regulatory requirements.

·         An expanded groundwater monitoring program and a new water quality monitoring program for the Bonaparte River.

·         The proponents will increase the efficiency of the landfill gas collection system and explore the conversion of captured landfill gas into liquified natural gas that could be used to fuel tractor-trailers.


The Bonaparte Indian Band, the Ashcroft Indian Band, and the Villages of Cache Creek and Ashcroft all participated in the environmental assessment and expressed their support for the project. The B.C. government is satisfied the Crown’s duties to consult and accommodate First Nations interests have been discharged.



The 12- to 18-month construction phase is expected to generate employment for 40 persons (60 person-years). The facility is also expected to provide continued employment for the 120 people (2,040 to 3,000 person-years for the project lifespan) who are presently employed at the existing Cache Creek Landfill.


It is anticipated that the landfill will contribute over $1 million a year in royalties to local communities, and $2 million a year in provincial taxes.


More information on the environmental assessment certificate can be found at




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