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Sept. 18, 2010

Ministry of Forests and Range





QUESNEL – Woodlot licensees from Williams Lake, Vanderhoof and Quadra Island were recognized for their lasting contribution to woodlot management by Minister of Forests and Range Pat Bell at the Federation of BC Woodlot Associations’ Annual General Meeting in Quesnel on Friday night.


            “A woodlot licensee is a tree planter, harvester, miller and small business manager all at the same time,” said Bell. “While all licensees have long-term relationships with the forest they manage and the communities they live in, the three I recognized last night have created true legacies.”


            The three licensees are Williams Lake’s Rod Blake, Vanderhoof’s Anne Davidson and Quadra Island’s Alex Hartford.


            Rod Blake’s name entered the Province’s forestry history books in 1999, when his woodlot became the first parcel of forest land in British Columbia to receive third-party sustainable forest management certification under the Forestry Stewardship Council. Blake has supplied custom-milled pieces for homes in both Canada and the U.S. In March of this year, Canada’s Brian McKeever, Viviane Forest and Lauren Woolstencroft all celebrated Paralympic gold medals on a podium built of Douglas-fir donated from his woodlot.


            Anne Davidson has managed a woodlot since 1987, and is known for her outstanding commitment to silviculture and her tireless advocacy for streamlining administrative processes. Davidson is driven by the basic core value of regenerating the forest after the harvest and worked hard to see harvesting options for woodlots affected by the mountain pine beetle.


            Alex Hartford has taught a community about sustainable forest management since he received Quadra Island’s first woodlot licence in1987. Hartford’s long-term respect, appreciation and careful management of the forest overcame initial concerns some residents had about woodlots. Today there are nine woodlots on Quadra Island.


            “For these three woodlotters, like most of us, their woodlots are a lifetime undertaking. They manage their woodlots for values that are important today, but also with an eye to the future. Rod, Anne and Alex are three of the best and are deserving of this recognition by Minister Bell,” added Mark Clark, president of the Federation of BC Woodlot Associations.


            The recipients were selected from a list prepared and evaluated by a team from the Federation of BC Woodlot Associations’ executive and the Ministry of Forests and Range. A recipient was chosen from each of the three forest regions in the province. Each recipient received a $500 award.


Bell also announced the first recipients of the Minister of Forests and Range Award of Excellence for Woodlot Management will be presented in 2011, with a total of up to $8,500 awarded across the three forest regions. Recipients will be recognized for accomplishments and contributions in site productivity, improved utilization and streamlined administration. Details and submission forms will be available at


            Woodlot licences are small, area-based tenures that combine private land with up to 800 hectares of Crown land on the Coast and 1,200 hectares of Crown land in the Interior, and are managed by individuals, groups or First Nations. Usually, they are replaceable tenures, awarded for 20 years.


There are about 860 active woodlots in British Columbia. Each woodlot generates jobs in planning, harvesting, road construction and maintenance, reforestation, silviculture and small-scale timber processing.



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