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March 10, 2011

Ministry of Natural Resource Operations



Flathead mountain named in honour of legendary surveyor


VICTORIA – To commemorate the legacy of Gerald Smedley Andrews, British Columbia’s longest-serving surveyor general, the Province is naming a mountain in the Flathead region Mount Gerry Andrews.


A true British Columbian, Gerry Andrews contributed to his community as a teacher, an engineer, a forester, a land surveyor and a writer. He pioneered the use of aerial photography for mapping and forestry reconnaissance in B.C. and is regarded as a legend among surveyors for both his contributions to the profession and his force of personality. Among his many honours, he has received the M.B.E. (Order of the British Empire).





Steve Thomson, Minister of Natural Resource Operations – 


“I can’t think of a more fitting tribute for a man whose life work was spent mapping the intricacies of our province than ensuring his name lives on in the maps he helped build. Our communities and our economy are built on the hard work, ingenuity and commitment of people like Gerry Andrews.”


Mike Thomson, surveyor general of the Land Title and Survey Authority of BC –


“Gerry was a legendary and iconic figure in our field. His leadership and mentorship has helped create one of the most talented groups of land surveyors in the world. We’re so pleased that the Province is honouring his legacy by naming one of his beloved mountains after him.”


Richard Wey, president of the Association of BC Land Surveyors –


“Gerry is still regarded as the person who led the province through an extensive period of growth in land settlement and mapping. His development of control surveys and integrated survey areas helped develop a sound survey system still in use in B.C. today.”


Ronald Greene, president, British Columbia Historical Federation –


“Gerry was a true pioneer. His appreciation for the history of our province and his work with the historical community was another facet of the man, which showed his well-rounded greatness. This is a well-deserved honour for him.”





·             Mount Gerry Andrews is located in the Flathead region, just east of Howell Creek in the Kootenay Land District.

·             The mountain is the most prominent peak in the Trachyte Mountain Range.

·             Mount Gerry Andrews is located at latitude 49° 11’ 32.6” N and longitude 114°33’ 33.5” W.

·             The elevation of Mount Gerry Andrews is approximately 2,205 metres.


View photos and maps of Mount Gerry Andrews:





Gerry Andrews (Dec. 12, 1903–Dec. 5, 2005) began land surveying in 1930. He initiated the use of air photography in 1931 and supervised air surveys for the Province in Nimkish Forest, Kitimat, Okanagan, the Kootenays and the Rocky Mt. Trench.


Andrews also served as a Lieutenant Colonel for the Canadian Army during World War II. He developed improved air cameras and undertook depth soundings of Normandy beaches by wave velocities determined from air photos. For his efforts, Andrews was awarded an M.B.E. (Member of the Order of the British Empire).


Returning from duty, he served as chief air survey engineer for B.C. until 1950; and as B.C.’s surveyor general and director of mapping and provincial boundaries commissioner from 1951 to 1968. In addition to being a surveyor, Andrews was a historian and authored more than 50 publications.







·         Order of British Columbia Citation for Gerry Andrews:

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