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Nov. 2, 2012

Ministry of Energy, Mines and Natural Gas



BC Hydro’s 20-year power plan due date to be extended


VICTORIA – The Province will extend the submission due date for BC Hydro’s Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) from Dec. 3, 2012 to Aug. 3, 2013.


The IRP is a 20-year plan of how BC Hydro will meet future electricity demand.


The Clean Energy Act, introduced in 2010, required that BC Hydro submit an IRP within 18 months of the act coming into force, or by Dec. 2, 2011. In May 2011, this due date was extended by one year so that BC Hydro could include any new direction from government’s review.


Government, liquefied natural gas (LNG) proponents and BC Hydro are currently negotiating electricity-supply agreements. By extending the submission date of the IRP, government, LNG proponents and BC Hydro will have time and flexibility to complete electricity supply agreements.


These agreements will provide greater certainty for future volume and timing of LNG electricity requirements. This will help to ensure that the IRP is a realistic plan for B.C.’s future power needs, including LNG.


The Province is planning to introduce an amendment to the Clean Energy Act in spring 2013 to formally change the IRP submission due date.





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