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 March 21, 2013

Office of the Premier
Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training
and Responsible for Labour


BC Jobs Plan: Getting Results Together


KAMLOOPS – Since release of the BC Jobs Plan, B.C. has added 47,100 jobs as a result of a gain of 77,500 full-time positions combined with a loss of 30,300 part-time positions (as of February 2013).


·         The current unemployment rate in British Columbia is 6.3 per cent (February 2013) – the fourth-lowest in Canada, down from 7.0 per cent one year ago and 7.5 per cent when the Jobs Plan was released.


·         B.C. exports to China increased to $6 billion in 2012, a 16 per cent increase over 2011, while exports to India increased to $321 million, almost a 60 per cent increase in one year.


·         The capital cost of all major projects currently under construction in B.C. is estimated at $80.6 billion, up from $78.9 billion reported in the third quarter of 2012. The capital cost of proposed projects is estimated at approximately $156.3 billion, up from $131.2 billion in the previous quarter.


·         In addition to Copper Mountain Mine (near Princeton), which began production in June 2011, two new mines have begun production since release of the BC Jobs Plan (New Afton, near Kamloops, and Treasure Mountain, near Hope), and three more are now under construction.


·         Since the BC Jobs Plan was released, the Province has approved six major expansions of existing mines.


·         In 2012, Port Metro Vancouver beat its previous record with eight per cent growth in container traffic in 2012. In late 2012, the Prince Rupert Container Terminal also reached a major milestone, shipping half a million cargo containers – surpassing its original design capacity.



·         To date, three liquefied natural gas facilities have been granted export licences by the National Energy Board.  As of January 2013, there are five LNG project proposals that have been formally announced. If five large LNG plants are built, the cumulative gross domestic product benefit to British Columbia is expected to add up to $1 trillion by 2046. 


·         According to a recent Reuters report, B.C. attracts more than 20 per cent of all venture capital investment in Canada, with venture capital investment growing by 71% in Q2 (over 2011) – the largest gain in the country.


·         Through the BC Jobs Plan, government committed to engaging with British Columbians.  Over the past 18 months, the public has responded to the BC Jobs Plan’s open invitation for feedback, stories, ideas and input on government policies, priorities and direction.


·         During this time, the BC Jobs Plan website has received 267,000 unique visits while the #Skills4BC engagement received over 400 comments and 80 emails from citizens from every region of the province. As a result of that engagement, over 100 government actions to build a skills workforce and change perceptions of trades careers have been adopted.



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