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Province of British Columbia
For Immediate Release
March 10, 2017
Ministry of Justice
British Columbia appoints new provincial court judge

VICTORIA – The British Columbia government is appointing a new provincial court judge to address upcoming retirements and ensure the judiciary has the resources to continue providing access to justice.

Judge Nancy Adams has a background in criminal and civil litigation gained from her experience in private practice and more than 25 years as a Crown counsel. She promotes the development of young lawyers and devotes time to outreach activities that introduce high school and college students to the justice system. Her appointment will be effective March 21, 2017.

Government and the public rely on judges for their integrity and impartiality and trust they will deliver fair, learned decisions. These qualities are essential for maintaining the public’s confidence in the courts and are a vital component of any democratic justice system.

British Columbia’s judicial system is recognized as one of the best in the world because of the diversity, experience and knowledge of its judges. The chief judge determines the locations to which judges are assigned in order to meet the needs of the court.

Quick Facts:

  • The process to appoint judges involves several steps:
    • Interested lawyers apply and the B.C. Judicial Council, a committee made up of the chief judge, other judges, lawyers and members of the public, reviews the candidates.
    • The committee recommends potential judges to the Attorney General, with the final appointment made through a cabinet order-in-council.
  • Although judges are located in a judicial region, many travel regularly throughout the province to meet changing demands.

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