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Province of British Columbia
For Immediate Release
May 19, 2022
Ministry of Forests
Changes to hunting regulations support reconciliation, wildlife stewardship

VICTORIA – In partnership with First Nations, the B.C. government is making changes to hunting regulations to support reconciliation and improve wildlife stewardship and habitat conservation.

The changes affect the hunting of elk, moose, mountain sheep, bighorn sheep and mountain goat, and are the outcome of provincial regulation changes that occur every two years.

Government has also made changes to hunting regulations in the northeastern region of the province. Currently, there are general open seasons on moose hunting in the Peace region from Aug. 15 to Oct. 31.

For one year, moose hunting will exclude August and will be restricted to limited entry hunting in the Peace area with a full closure during the peak mating season from Oct. 1-15, 2022. Key areas around the Peace Moberly Tract and Moose Lake will also be closed.

In the Liard and Northeast Rockies areas of the region, moose hunting will be permitted in remote regions and areas without roads, and will not be restricted by limited entry hunting. This decision will be revisited next year.

These decisions were informed by extensive engagement with the public, First Nations, the Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia and the BC Wildlife Federation. The hunting regulation changes in northeastern B.C. are an interim measure and part of broader actions to improve wildlife stewardship, uphold Treaty rights and enhance habitat conservation.

The Province, regional First Nations and affected stakeholders will continue to work together to develop an approach to wildlife co-management that improves shared understanding and management of the wildlife resources in a manner consistent with the Together for Wildlife strategy.

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