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Province of British Columbia
For Immediate Release
May 25, 2023
Ministry of Finance
People asked to share priorities for B.C.ā€™s next budget

VICTORIA ā€“ With the consultation for Budget 2024 now open, people throughout B.C. can share ideas about how the provincial government can help create a stronger future for everyone through next year’s budget.

“As we plan for the future, we will continue to make choices that work for people,” said Katrine Conroy, Minister of Finance. “We’re focused on what matters to people across our province. Our annual budget consultation helps us hear from them and make sure our budget reflects their priorities, so we can help everyone build a good life in British Columbia.”

Budget 2023 reflects what the B.C. government heard from people last year. It focuses on keeping people safe and healthy in their communities, helping with costs, creating more accessible and affordable housing opportunities through the Homes for People plan, and advancing B.C.’s strong, sustainable economy.

The consultation is led by the all-party Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services. Each year, the committee holds a provincewide consultation about the next provincial budget and presents a final report with recommendations to the legislative assembly reflecting their recommendations.

People can participate by completing the written submission form. The budget consultation closes Friday, June 16, 2023, at 2 p.m.

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Contact the Parliamentary Committees Office at: 1 877 428-8337 (toll-free in B.C.); or 250 356-2933 (collect).

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